Grey Matters

Three teachers resort to studying the brain to break through the boredom and disinterest of their students. What they learn changes their students lives immeasurably. The changes are subtle but students find themselves motivated like they weren’t before. They talk about how knowing their teachers care, inspires them to put more into the class. Knowing how the brain functions prompts teachers to “teach” the fundamentals of studying because just saying to students, “Study this” is meaningless without understanding how memory and attention works. Grey Matters is a film about hope and possibilities, science, expectations, and what’s possible when we live slightly outside of our comfort zone. Let’s teach the way the brain learns and change the education story.

Release Date:  2018/19



Ramona Persaud

Ramona Persaud is an independent documentary filmmaker. She founded Change the Lens Productions to tell solution-oriented, socially conscious stories. Grey Matters is her second film. Her first, “It’s a DIfferent World” was produced with the National Film Board of Canada, with production assistance from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is currently being distributed by Filmmakers Library (NYC).


Jeremy Eastman

Jeremy Eastman, responsible for the production budget and schedule, brings over two decades of project management, scheduling, and budgeting experience- having managed several million dollars of professional-services consulting and on-site delivery. He holds a PMI Project Management Professional certification from Boston University, attended graduate school at Imperial College London, and has been managing global and regional projects for more than a decade.


Annette Goodman

Annette Goodman is an educational consultant for organizations offering cognitive programs and organizations offering social emotional learning programs. Most recently Annette served as the Chief Education Officer at Arrowsmith Program for 8 years, leading numerous research and development projects. She co-conceptualized and collaborated on a book titled, ‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’ and edited the book titled, ‘Brain School’. Annette holds a masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.